Thursday, May 15, 2008


A woman is beauty personified. Now that’s not because I 'm one myself, but so because it really is so! Poets, philosophers and painters from time immemorial have made her the very subject matter of their creations. Figments of imagination have always revolved around her personality and existence.

Women and beauty in fact go hand in hand. And beauty is certainly more than skin deep. The concept of “beauty” is too subtle to be debated upon but it can more or less be defined as the grace and confidence in oneself. And what’s more beauty products help you do just that!

Cosmetics have, more often than not, been attached to the womanhood. The present day cosmetics have evolved and improved over the ages. Today, beauty products flood the market- A tip to toe range is available and for all skin types, ages and climate.

The cosmetic industry currently is a multi million dollar one, worldwide and booming by the second. Not only has it emerged as one of the fastest growing industries, it also promises high future prospects. This factor alone is funding the cosmetics industry. With L’Oreal and Revlon being world leaders, other small and big brands are fast catching up. In India too, the industry is estimated to touch the million dollar mark in the next five years. Multinationals here are leaving no stone unturned to capture the largest share of the market. And nobody’s complaining! For, the competition has not only cut down the product prices it has also made way for even newer and better products.
The industry has bright future hopes and endless opportunities. That’s because, its continuously expanding in terms of the services offered. Today, cosmetics don’t confine to the mere beauty lotions and gels but encompasses even plastic and laser surgery and spa treatments as well.

The good news for the industry can be that the people are actually wiling to pay the hefty amount for the same. With the population progressively earning more and with higher standards of living women, as also men are ready to “look better” at any cost. One needs to be well informed, in any case, of all the effects and the side effects before using a cosmetic or undergoing a surgery.

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