Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cosmetic Industry: Boon Or Cons For Skin

In recent years we have seen the major changes in the market of cosmetic products. In addition to over the counter cosmetic products there is a huge demand for products is noticed in the market along with the surgical cosmetic process has revolutionized the world. These things contributed in making the cosmetic industry the world's second leading industry.

Cosmetic industry is ready to move on to next upward level although the small Multi-National industries dominates the manufacture of cosmetics that came into life in twentieth century but the distribution and sales of beauty products is scattered among a wide range of different business.

In the early of twentieth century, the popularity of cosmetics has increased rapidly in the market. Especially in US cosmetic products are used mainly by girls at an increasingly young age. Due to fast-decreasing age of make-up users the companies introduced more flavored lip glosses and lip sticks, cosmetics that are packaged in glittery, sparkly packages and advertising using young beautiful models.

Everything in the market has to face the criticism same case with the cosmetic products the criticism comes from variety of source that is animal right activities, feminists, authors and public interest groups etc. Numerous reports published has raised the concern and causes trouble to those who are using these products.

But after all the cosmetic industry had created a boom in the world by introducing variety of cosmetic surgery techniques that help the old age women to look young again. Now you can use tattoos permanently on your skin that become possible cosmetically. These all benefits that came from the growing cosmetic industries.

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